International Center for Green Technology Development



Rector’s Foreword

The institut Teknologi Yogyakarta (ITY) history began with Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Lingkungan (The College of Environmental Technology) in 1984. And for more than 30 years the Institut and its 3,500 highly qualified alumni have contributed in addressing the environmental issues in all over Indonesia. This has been accomplishing throughout the closed engagements with community, industry, and government.

Institut Teknologi Yogyakarta has historically focused its research, teaching, academic activities, and services on the environmental issues. The Institute is aiming to continuously developing sustainable solutions to minimizing the impact and the hazard of human activities on environment. The Institute has also strong commitment to educate its students and the society to embrace the sustainability idea.

In responding to the more complex issues in sustainable development, I am very delighted to launch Center for Green Technology Development (CGTD) in ITY. The Center is aiming to fostering the interdisciplinary scientific research, innovation and community as well as industrial services in the area of green technology. The area is indeed incorporating continuously advancing techniques and materials in sustainable and more eco-friendly development and economic growth. And this is obviously part of the ITY never ending journey in implementing the philosophical view on environment, which is to enhance the beauty of earth.

Finally, I am also very pleased to welcome the collaboration with other respectful and prominent institutions in a mutual beneficiary partnership into this challenging journey.


About Us

It was intended from the beginning that Institut Teknologi Yogyakarta stipulated its concentration on environmental science and technology, including the development in green technology. Green technology itself encompasses very wide range areas such as environmental conservation, improvement in industrial practices to be more eco-friendly, and the development in new and renewable source of energy. And the main focus is on the sustainability. For the greater importance of this field, Institut Teknologi Yogyakarta then decided to establish Center for Green Technology Development (CGTD).

The center will be facilitating various activities such as interdisciplinary research, education, publication, workshop, and conference. This Center is also intended to fostering the international collaborations among the Institute and the international organizations in this area. A group of experts in related backgrounds will be undertaking those daily activities. The Board of Supervisor members are including the Rector, the three Vice Rectors, and the Director of Postgraduate Program.